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The behavioral style of yourself and your team

The behavioral scan “LE-Behavior” is a method to quickly gain insight into your behavior in relation to your environment and in relation to your team members. The behavioral style scan assumes the change in behavior. From the Basic Behavior Style (unconscious behavior) to the Response Behavior (how do you respond to the environment). The relative shift in behavior is measured in the behavioral style scan.

A variant of the personal behavioral style scan is the unique team scan, which gives you insight into what is happening in the team when people are added or removed.

The behavioral style scan is based on the theory of Jung and Meyers, with a clear typology of how someone behaves. A behavioral style is not right or wrong. Depending on the situation, each style has its advantages and disadvantages. Everyone has several so-called “behavioral colors”, all of which are combinations of certain “psychological types”.

The colors are: dominant red , influential yellow disciplined blue and harmonious green .

Try it yourself You can find LE-Behavior at

LE-Behavior de gedragsstijlscan voor je persoonlijke gedrag
LE Behaviour de gedragsstijlscan

Who is LE-Behavior for?

Individuals and groups in education, organizations and companies

For educational settings

Today, education often takes place in group processes, for example with (problem-based learning, PBL). If students have to work together, insight into both their own behavioral style and that of your colleagues is very useful. It is not without reason that the behavioral style test was developed at international learning companies, where students had to successfully carry out real assignments from the business community. And then you must have a good team.

For organizations and companies:

Organizations consist of people with different behavioral styles. This influences the method of collaboration. In addition, it is useful if you realize that it is always a lot easier to adjust your own behavior than trying to change that of someone else.

What is the use of LE-Behavior?

Become aware of your own or your team's dynamics

LE Behaviour de gedragsstijlscan

Which versions of LE-Behavior are available?

Personally or with each other

We offer 2 versions for LE-Behavior, namely the individual scan and the team scan.

Individual scan

It is valuable to know the characteristic behavioral style of your friends, family, colleagues or team members. It can also be particularly useful if you have insight into how your behavior is perceived by others! And how others respond to your behavior. That is handy, because that way you can take away your sharp edges from your own behavior. After all, changing someone else’s behavior is many times more difficult, should it be possible at all.

Team scan

Experience shows that behavioral styles are very decisive in business and team processes. When a team consists of, for example, only people of one color, that gives conflicts, within a team that often also applies to opposite colors.
In general, the team strives for a good balance in terms of personalities, while at the same time realizing the mutually different behavioral styles. The team behavioral style scan has been developed to find this balance. As a very useful tool. Our experience in this regard with groups is remarkable.



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